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I am CAROLINE ARNOLD, and I am the AUTHOR of more than 170 books for children. I am also an ILLUSTRATOR and PHOTOGRAPHER. My books are inspired by my love of nature and my travels. For insight into my creative process, look in Behind the Story.

I have two BLOGS. To learn about my art and writing process and my recent activities go to Caroline Arnold Art and Books. For my travel writing go to The Intrepid Tourist. You can also follow me on Twitter @CarolineSArnold

I love to visit SCHOOLS and LIBRARIES to talk about my books and the writing and illustrating process. To learn more about my school visit programs click here or on the link on the bar at the top of the page. I am available for both in-person and virtual visits

For ACTIVITIES linked to my books, go to Children's Projects. Some of the projects are also described on the book pages and, in some cases, have downloadable activity sheets.

To view my PORTFOLIO go to To purchase CARDS and PRINTS of my book illustrations, go to

My AGENT is Andrea Brown. To contact me by EMAIL, click here: Caroline's email.

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